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    Review for Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy DVD and Blu-ray Combo

    8 / 10

    Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy is the latest adventure for Peter Pan's faithful friend. When one of keepers of the fairy dust, Zarina, steals the Blue Pixie Dust and runs away it seems just a rebellious fairy acting out. Until Tinker Bell and her friends find that she has taken it to some pirates who she is now the captain of. She leads this motley crew including James, a familiar charismatic interpreter of Zarina in their quest to take flight thanks to the fairy magic.

    What is worse is Zarina has swapped all of Tink and her friends' powers which makes difficult, but they must learn to appreciate the new power they have been given. Tink and her friends must help Zarina see the error of her ways and also stop the pirates.

    This film is excellent for so many reasons. True, if you are going to compare it with Frozen then it comes up short, but if you have followed the new adventures of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends then this is a welcome addition. The film is fun, filled with action, adventure, music and not just cashing in on the popularity of PIrates or the Neverland characters.

    The twist (which I'm sure everyone saw coming) of the appearance of Captain Hook is just perfect and it does throwback to a lot of the original story, explaining how the crocodile got the clock in his belly and also a little bit of Hook's back story. What makes this even better is that Hook is wonderfully played by Tom Hiddleston who is infamous as Loki in the Marvel films and is perfect in this role, as Mad Men's Christina Hendricks as Zarina. A lot of the times these films do feel 'Direct to DVD/Bluray' but this one does feel worthy of a cinema release.

    This Blu-ray is brimming with extras for both the kids and those who may want to know more about the making of the film. There is an excellent Mickey Mouse short 'Stayin' Cool' which is almost more like a zany Looney Toons cartoon than your traditional Disney, but still fun.

    'Pixie Hollow Bake Off' is a Fairies short, a bit like their version of the Great British Bake Off and I expected it to be a spoof of that (which it is to some extent). This was a nice little short featuring the Fairy characters.There are also two further fairy shorts 'Aargh' and 'Treasure Chest' which are pirate related and fun.

    Second Star to the Left: The Legacy of Neverland is a nice little documentary about the creators thoughts about the Peter Pan universe and the making of the film and you can tell that this isn't just a cashin-in on the franchise. Croc-U-Mentary is a nice look at crocodiles. This is a bit like an Animal Planet for children and is full of facts about the animals, also showing the difference between them and alligators.

    Making of 'The Frigate that Flies' is a look at the making of the pirate song in the film. What is nice is hearing Hiddleston talk about creating the role of Hook and it is shame that he didn't contribute more to the extras as he looks like he was having a wonderful time making this film.

    Four deleted scenes with introductions by Director Peggy Holmes and Producer Jennifer Magee-Cook are included. These are nice and explains why the scenes were not included, which is something that all films should do. The scenes are all in the form of rough cuts without the computer animation which is a nice look at the way the film is created.

    Finally, there is a 'Sing-a-long' feature, which I feel should be a standard for all Disney musicals and would be even better if there was a music-only karaoke version too.

    Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy is a great film. It is true that not everyone will enjoy it, but if you have enjoyed any of the previous Tinker Bell films or just want a simple film for your kids then this is certainly one to go for.

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