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    Anime Review Roundup

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    I have seen three Lupin the Third releases in the UK, and you might think that is enough of a sample to form an opinion about the franchise. It would be the wrong opinion though. The Woman Called Fujiko Mine series got pretty dark and psychological, focusing on the eponymous supporting character, The Castle of Cagliostro was Hayao Miyazaki’s family friendly take on the character, while The Secret of Mamo was just plain weird. It’s taken until the release of Lupin the Third: Part IV for us to actually see what Lupin the Third is all about, the adventures of the descendant of the gentleman thief along with his trusty companions. And you know, it’s pretty brilliant, certainly a lot better than those first tasters led me to believe.

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    Delving into my collection, I took a look at everyone’s favourite anime, Shirobako Collection 1. At least given the clamour there has been, demanding a UK release (unsuccessfully to date), you have to believe that it’s a favourite. The thing is, it’s not a genre show, no giant robots, and not much in the way of moe. It’s actually the kind of show that you’d expect reviewers to love, an anime about the anime industry, and if you want to know how the medium comes about, then there is a lot to learn here. It’s also downright entertaining to boot, with an engaging story and fascinating characters. Click on the review to learn more.

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    Delays can be a pain in the behind, especially if you’re really looking forward to something, which is usually the case with anime releases. I’ve had the check discs for Haven’t You Heard ? I’m Sakamoto since before last Christmas, the review was written back in Easter, yet the show is coming out in July... I hope. Sakamoto is perfect in everything he says and does, and he has the presence of a male supermodel in high school. That takes a lot of getting used to for his classmates, as the delinquents in his school continue to try to flap the unflappable.

    This Week I’ve Been Mostly Rewatching...

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    High School of the Dead. Damn! This is one fine show. There are anime that I like, and there are anime that I love, but once in a while there comes a show that transcends the medium. High School of the Dead is a fan service show. It’s got a cast of girls with shiny, shiny skin, and voluptuous physiques, as well as a couple of guys, one hunk, one geek, joining together to fight the zombie apocalypse. And the show will do what it takes to get one more perverted (soon to be illegal) upskirt angle, a glimpse of cleavage, and even finds the time for a communal bath scene. And all this fan service is in aid of some of the best character development, some of the sharpest writing and strongest storytelling I have seen in anime.

    Manga Entertainment released High School of the Dead on DVD and on Blu-ray back in 2011. They then subsequently released the Drifters of the Dead 15-minute OVA as DVD only. Here’s my review. If you want it today, and believe me, you do want this fun, exploitation anime, you can get the whole thing in one collection, DVD or Blu-ray (although the OVA remains DVD on both versions). After all this time, it’s at a bargain price as well.

    All the Anime released Lupin the Third Part IV on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray last Monday, 11th June. Sentai Filmworks in the US released Shirobako Part 1 on Region B friendly Blu-ray in 2016, as well as Region 1 DVD. Manga Entertainment will release Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto on Blu-ray and DVD on the 2nd of July.

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