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    Something in the Water

    Cardiff has been named as the pregnancy hot spot of England and Wales, in a new survey.
    The research shows that lucky ladies in the Welsh city get pregnant within just 10 weeks of trying.
    And the average lass reckons having sex EIGHT times a week or more is the key to their success.
    Other tried and tested methods by Cardiff girls include taking folic acid, giving up work to reduce stress, and lying with their legs in the air after sex.
    Portsmouth is the second pregnancy hot spot - as women in coastal resort only take 15 weeks on average to conceive.
    But unusually, these Southern ladies put their quick conception down to putting a cushion under their bottom during and after sex, losing weight before trying for a baby and remaining on their back for half an hour after sex.
    And ladies in Wolverhampton are lucky enough to get pregnant within just 17 weeks of trying - after having sex five times a week and taking folic acid in preparation.
    Liverpool and Leicester complete the top five pregnancy hot spots.
    The poll results of 10,000 women across the UK, conducted by parenting club www.Bounty.com,  has been used to map the country to show how long it takes for women to conceive on average.
    Unfortunately it shows that for those women living in Coventry, getting pregnant has not happened as quickly as they'd hoped, taking an average of 36 weeks.
    And this is despite having sex five times a week - which means a whopping 180 sex sessions before couples conceive.
    Chelmsford ladies have had to wait a minimum of 33 weeks to get pregnant, whilst those living in Oxford and Worcester have tried for 31 weeks respectively.
    Norwich is the fifth pregnancy 'not spot', as women try for a baby for up to 30 weeks.
    Faye Mingo, spokeswoman for www.bounty.com said: "Rightly or wrongly, many women have expectations about how long it will take them to conceive based on the experience of others.
    "We've mapped the conception spots of the UK because it's natural to bench mark against how long it took friends and family to fall pregnant and the Brits are often curious about how much sex everyone else is having.
    "The fact is that some couples will be lucky and get pregnant straight away, others may be trying a year later and it still doesn't mean that anything is wrong."
    The poll shows that 60 per cent of Brits get pregnant faster than they expect to.
    Seven in 10 women say they actively tried to get pregnant with their first child, and the national 'trying time' is 23 weeks.
    On average, couples have sex five times a week to get pregnant - and it takes 115 sex sessions in total to conceive.
    Fourteen per cent of women were so desperate to have their first baby they called their partner at work to come home because they were "fertile and waiting".
    But 72 per cent wanted their baby to be conceived in a loving and spontaneous manner, rather than going through the mechanics.
    Faye Mingo continues: "There may or may not be some truth in the saying 'there's something in the water'.
    "Either way, wherever couples live they should stay happy and unstressed to maximise their chances of conceiving." 
    1. Cardiff      -      10 weeks to conceive
    2. Portsmouth -     15 weeks to conceive
    3. Wolverhampton -      17 weeks to conceive
    4. Liverpool      -      18 weeks to conceive
    5. Leicester      -      19 weeks to conceive
    1. Coventry      -      36 weeks to conceive
    2. Chelmsford -     33 weeks to conceive
    3. Oxford      -      31 weeks to conceive
    4. Worcester      -      31 weeks to conceive
    5. Norwich      -      30 weeks to conceive

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