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    Shooting People says go see 1 Day film

    Shooting People, the Independent Filmmakers' Networking Community, encourages its 35,000 members to see director and writer Penny Woolcock's '1 Day' film on its Friday 06 November opening after some cinemas withdraw the film on police advice. 'Our independent filmmakers are gravely concerned about the actions of the West Midlands police, who have stepped in to advise cinemas not to screen the small British independent film '1 Day'. We have started a campaign amongst our 35,000 members and call on those cinemas to reinstate the screening of this important film. Cath Le Couteur, Co-founder, Shooting People

    'On Monday night, Shooting People put on a free screening of its patron Penny Woolcock's film '1 Day'. Penny arrived at the screening very distressed at the news that police were advising cinemas not to screen the film and that it was being pulled from Birmingham, Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Coventry. Independent filmmakers up and down the country are speechless that the police suddenly seem to have new powers to effectively censor films'. James Mullighan, Creative Director Shooting People

    Police are now claiming that there has been no co-ordinated action to ban the film, and yet cinemas have explained that screenings have been pulled, based on 'police advice'.

    Shooting People asks: What on earth is going on?

    Shooting People filmmaker and member Charles Wood questions the legality of the police actions, and queries the role of the BBFC who gave the film a 15 certification.

    'If the BBFC cannot be the end of screening rulings then what is the point of it's existance at all? It was expressly set up originally to prevent precisely what appears to have gone on in Birmingham ... i.e. to set a country-wide standard, that was accepted through the UK, and reflected public opinion in the UK as a whole. That is absolutely the whole point of the system'. Charles Wood.

    Penny Woolcock, patron of Shooting People, and a filmmaker renowned for making films that reflect the lives of people living on the margins says

    'Last time I checked this is not a police state where the police can decide what you can or cannot watch'. Penny Woolcock, write and director, '1Day'.

    'This is a very powerful and sad film that exposes harsh realities of our society. It is exactly the kind of small British film we should be proud of and promoting. The sad irony is that by censoring the film, it will be replaced by Hollywood fare that rarely offers any insights into our daily lives'. Jess Search, Co-Founder Shooting People.

    Shooting People has started a campaign amongst its 35,000 filmmaker members to go and see '1 Day' on its Friday 06 November opening night and calls on the police to explain exactly why they believe there is a public and safety health risk at screening this film, and why they ignored the BBFC classification and sought to advise cinemas to pull this powerful film.

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