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    September 2009 sees the launch of Brain Damage Films, a brand new DVD label that's guaranteed to satisfy the bloody cravings of gorehounds and fright fans by bringing a host of new indie horror movies to DVD at a price that won't give you nightmares - although the films themselves certainly will!
    The first six shockers - DEATH OF A GHOST HUNTER, SILENT BLOODNIGHT, SERUM, PREY FOR THE BEAST, SECRETS OF THE CLOWN and TORTURE ME NO MORE - hit the shelves on 21st September at just £2.99 each and stack up as a crazed carnival of fun-filled frighteners featuring ghostly goings on, vicious serial killers, mad scientists, reanimated corpses, flesh eating beasts, creepy killer clowns and twisted, sado-masochistic freaks. All in all, Brain Damage Films provide a welcome reminder that scary movies deliver much more when you don't take them too seriously.
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    Twenty years after the brutal massacre of Minister Joseph Masterson and his family in their home, renowned ghost hunter Carter Simms (Patti Tindall) is invited to conduct a paranormal investigation of the supposedly haunted Masterson House. Accompanied by a cameraman, a reporter and a spiritual advocate, Carter embarks on what will transpire to be the most terrifying and tragic three days and nights of her life.
    When two teenage rapists are slaughtered by the family of their mentally handicapped victim, TV reporter Sabrina Myers (Vanessa Vee) witnesses the vengeful retribution and becomes the killers' next target. Despite being placed under police protection, she still finds the odds of surviving are very slim, but her quick wits, courage and, most importantly, a winning smile may prove to be just what she needs to get through the nightmare without losing her life.
    Bloody chaos rules when Dr. Edward Kanopolus (David H. Hickey) inadvertently unleashes a marauding monster in the form of his nephew, Eddie (Derek Phillips), when the side effects of his latest "cure all" serum prove to be slightly more severe than anticipated. Now poor Eddie is running around with a seriously disturbing skin condition and a hunger for human flesh that cannot be sated.
    A woodland weekend getaway for two separate groups of vacationers - one a bunch of male buddies, the other a group of young, sexy women - turns into a fight for survival when the unfortunate fun-seekers meet the forest's deadliest inhabitant and find themselves caught up in a violent battle of man versus beast.
    Following the brutal murder of his best friend, Jim (Jay O'Connor), Bobbie (Paul Piero) finds himself haunted by his friend's presence and by a series of nightmares that appear to present clues as to the identity of the killer. As the murders mount, Bobbie turns to a psychic in the hope of contacting the spirit of Jim and finding some answers. But some things are best left in the realms of the unknown as Bobbie finds out when he unlocks the secrets of the clown.
    Recently released from prison, computer hacker Sal (Jason Liebig) visit his brother Chancey (Chris Carr) for a quiet night of movies and pizza. But while Sal is out getting the supplies, a mysterious killer resembling Sal murders Chancey and Sal is pegged for the crime. He manages to escape from custody and sets about searching for the real killer, a quest that takes him on a journey into the seedy underground S&M scene. Along the way he meets Delilah (Kristen Doran), who is only too willing to join him on a vigilante spree against a variety of serial killers, perverts, child molesters and rapists, all while trying to gather the clues that will clear his name and bring the real killer to justice.

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