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    Discover and Do with CBeebies

    Keep kids entertained with a DVD release from BBC Worldwide - CBeebies: Discover and Do released on 25th May 2009.

    CBeebies programming is packaged into selected zones to give each part of the day a distinctive mood, which has been reflected in previous titles such as Get Set Go (morning), Big Fun Time (afternoon) and Bedtime (evening). Discover and Do is next in the successful range and is designed to encourage creative play throughout the day and is packed full of imaginative episodes to help children to make and do.

    Complete your collection with CBeebies: Discover and Do, containing nine top episodes from CBeebies favourites including Teletubbies and Balamory.

    CBeebies: Discover and Do contains the following episodes:

    Get Squiggling! - Bloodhound - A bloodhound is good at sniffing out clues, but he needs Squiglet's help to find out what all his friends are up to. One's making a cake, one's blowing balloons and one's making jellies. What can it all mean?

    Tikkabilla - Dressing Up & Houses - Amit and Lorna sing a guessing dressing up game; Sarah-Jane and Justin are in Higgledy House and we join Simon on the farm.

    Teletubbies - Bubble Pictures - The Teletubbies watch some children mixing water, paint and washing up liquid to make bubble pictures and Po shows us how to make Tubby Custard before running off to watch three ships sail through Teletubbyland.

    Balamory - Treasure Hunt - Miss Hoolie asks PC Plum to organise a treasure hunt. But he'll need a map and some treasure. Who can help?

    Charlie and Lola - I wish I could draw exactly like you - Everybody in the whole school has to make a picture of their house for open visiting school day. Charlie, Marv, Lola and Lotta all decide to make their pictures round at Charlie and Lola's. Lotta, who prides herself on being really good at drawing houses, suddenly can't draw anymore! The others all find a way of inspiring Lotta and soon there's absolutely no stopping her.

    Boogie Beebies - Building - Nat does the warm-up and cool-down and Pete explores moves inspired by building bricks and teaches the dance.

    Tweenies - Growing Bulbs - Jake brings some funny-looking objects to the Tweenies' playgroup. They are daffodil bulbs, so they plant them and make paper plants while they grow.

    Big Cook Little Cook - Explorer - Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small are having fun playing a game of hide and seek. A customer comes into the cafe - it is Edna the Explorer. Ben decides to make her a tasty treat of Tiger Sushi and in return she leaves Ben a hat covered in leaves. With his camouflaged hat, it is now easy for Ben to hide from Small.

    Fimbles - Cardboard Box - When Fimbo and Pom find a big cardboard box, they discover that cars can be very useful - especially to Dr. Pom!

    Extras - Discover and Do song and facts about new CBeebies presenters Alex and Cerrie

    Release Date: 25th May 2009
    CAT. Number: BBCDVD2875
    Duration: 179 mins approx
    RRP: £9.78

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