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Page 1 of Multi-region hack for Philips DFR-1600

Hack Help Forum

Multi-region hack for Philips DFR-1600

Reviewer News (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 1st September 2013, 23:08

This hack page was originally hosted on DVD Reviewer, it was automatically imported by a not-very-clever script and may contain formatting errors and inaccuracies, sorry!

How to convert your Philips DFR-1600 player into a multi-region compatible machine

To convert this player to Multi-Region

1. Press the System button on your remote control

2. Using your remote control, press the buttons 1, 6 and 7, in order and one at a time

3. A box will appear requestion a new region

4. Enter the code 1 for region 1, or 2 for region 2, and so on, or press the Mute button for multi-region playback

Note: On some machines you will only be able to select specific regions

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